Lloyd astride stuffed horse in
abandoned apartment on

The terrible heat in Lloyd's attic home
seemed not to bother him as he told me
stories about other people's homes. He
talked about a recent day's work
cleaning out the apartment of a man who
had died. He said the single room was
filled with beer bottles stacked with
miraculous care all the way to the
ceiling. "I'm an alcoholic, but I'm not that
bad," he said. He became cheery when
we walked downstairs and took me into
a messy bedroom with a large stuffed
horse at the foot of the bed. It wasn't
hard to tell that he wanted to sit on it
and pose as though he were the lord of
the manor. In fact, he was. "I'm moving
down here, now," he told me, grinning.
"The people who lived here got taken to
jail and left all this!"
Springfield, Ohio