DJ's friend showing his moves in East Street Park, near Selma--2005

The temperature had been 38 since early morning the day I walked past a park where two young black men were drinking from
bottles in paper bags and laughing loudly. I wanted to photograph them, but thought I would just let them watch me for a while
and get used to my presence. When I eventually introduced myself and asked a few friendly questions, their manner alternated
between disdain and indifference, although one said he was DJ. When I asked to photograph DJ's drinking friend, to my surprise
he chose a spot, without reflection or hesitation, and started to pose. When he tired of it, he demanded, "Where's your car?" with
unnerving force. When I told him I was walking he looked disgusted, turned away, and appeared to be fumbling with something.
Turning back, he held three crumpled dollar bills in his hand. "Buy some bottles of water, man," he said to me. "You'll kill yourself
walkin' around in all this heat."
Springfield, Ohio