Inky and Carey displaying handguns behind Dream Merchant on East Main-2000

I ran into Inky and Carey at the Golgotha tattoo parlour, beside the Dream Merchant head shop. A young blonde woman sat on a
stainless steel table with her jeans pulled halfway down her buttocks while Carey injected inks with a buzzing needle at the base
of her spine. The excess ink dripped down her pale skin, looking disturbingly like the dark blood of an animal that has been dead
for some time. When Carey finished, he and Inky stepped out to the crumbling stone wall behind the Golgotha to pose for a
photograph. A chained Rottweiler lunged for my thigh when I crouched to frame the image. Then Carey lifted his vest and reached
for a pearl-handled pistol. "Guns bother you?" he asked, extending his arm as if he were going to point it at me. When I told him
they didn't, Inky took his out, as well. "We need these for our business," Carey said, crossing his arms with satisfaction.
Springfield, Ohio