Terria, hand on wrist, at East Main
and Spring-1966

In October 1966, I brought a camera to
Springfield for the first time. On Main
Street, I saw a young girl wearing cat's
eye glasses, a pleated wool skirt and an
impeccably ironed white blouse. She
held the hand of a younger boy, her
brother, who was impatient to get going.
When I asked permission to take her
picture, she seemed not to understand
what I wanted, much less why. For a
moment, in her confusion, she released
the little boy's hand and grasped her own
wrist in a gesture of self-comfort.
Forty-three years after this picture was
made, I received an e-mail from a
Springfield newspaper reporter who had
published the photograph. The subject
line read, "I found your girl." Her name
was Terria. When I spoke with her she
told me that her family home had burned
down, her brother had died, and this
image was her only concrete link to her
Springfield, Ohio